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Founded as a registered Non-Governmental Organization, Bring It On Africa is dedicated to unlocking and harnessing the vast potentials that lie within the African youth. Our primary goal is to identify these potentials and strategically deploy them to various sectors where their dreams and aspirations can be realized.


Our Mission

1. To design and implement programs that actively engage the youth, steering them away from criminal activities towards more constructive avenues.

2. To assist the younger generation in recognizing and nurturing their innate talents, empowering them to achieve their full potential in their chosen careers.

3. To promote entrepreneurship as a vital tool for sustainable human capacity development.


In a landscape where unemployment remains a pressing issue and job opportunities are scarce, Bring It On Africa is dedicated to empowering young people to develop their talents and become valuable assets to both themselves and the broader society. We envision an Africa where a significant proportion of the workforce are entrepreneurs, driving economic growth through their innovative initiatives.


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